Pure Thought Media is an integrated brand agency based in London and Surrey specialising in branding and digital design.
We work in partnership with every client to create a solution balanced in strategic planning and creativity to produce
innovative work that serves to inspire whilst delivering real business value to your brand.

  • Strategy
    We believe the art of brand strategy and planning can unearth valuable insight - becoming the backbone of inspiring brands, successful campaigns and meaningful connections.
  • Creative
    We live to be creative and know that exploring our imagination is the key to forming powerful branding ideas that have vision and the ability to engage an audience.
  • Digital
    Our outlook on digital design is that anything is possible and we relish the opportunity to consider how websites, apps, mobile and more can be used to serve a brand.
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SnapChat - the mobile app that allows users to send photo messages that self-destruct after a period of 10 seconds or less - is fast becoming big news. Since dropping out of Stanford Univers...
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